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Four Angles to Engage with the Renewable Energy Ideas Phase

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Alper Yaglioglu  is our volunteer Community Champion for the Renewable Energy Challenge. You'll see him popping up across the challenge with handy tips and words of encouragement – and posting community updates here like a true champion!


What's cool about the Renewable Energy Challenge is that it is community-driven. Every community is unique in its barriers and opportunities and you are the one who knows them best. What type of energy works best for your location? What is the best way to engage the community with your project and who might you partner with to prototype your idea?

Feel free to build on others’ ideas or tweak the ones you like. You will be amazed how your idea takes shape and becomes unique once you dive into prototyping in your community.

Help Others

If you shared an exciting idea and are waiting for feedback, exporing others' contributions is a perfect way to keep developing your own. That's how good ideas become great ideas. Encourage the ones you find super-exciting and ask questions to those you'd like to know more about. Keep in mind that our community members gladly welcome your invaluable insights.

Check out Ramiro's Disruptive Green Taxis idea and the amazing conversation happening around it as an example.


Be proud, you never know when you are inspiring. An idea or comment you share can make someone in the community experience that a-ha moment that leads to a wild idea. A solution you found for your community might be tweaked and used for another community anywhere in the world. How cool is that!

Be ready, because your idea will be built upon by others and you'll be amazed how much you contribute others’ ideas without even trying. Take a look at how Nyko's idea SmarTraq inspired Ramiro's Green Energy Social App.


Already have a project on renewable energy that is being implemented? OpenIDEO is the right place if your idea needs promotion or partnerships.

Also, you will have a chance to get invaluable feedback from our advisory panel, IDEO designers and OpenIDEO community along the way.

Lastly, here are some useful ideation tips and tools you should have under your belt:
Design Kit
Brainstorming in a Box
3 Tips to Turn Ideas Into Solutions
Handy Brainstorming Exercise

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