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Bettina commented on an idea - PillDrop is a mobile platform which connects patients with motorists to collect chronic medicine on behalf of patients

Hi Johannes Mangane 
Great idea to create a system that aims to promote health and financial security for many in underserved communities! Congrats on being a finalist in this challenge!
I am a pediatrician in NYC. I remember reading years ago about a program, started by a physician working with an NGO in Africa, in which patients with chronic disease were organized into small groups in order to help each other for the same reason you are highlighting - long travel distances to pick up medications which lead to loss of work and income for that day, and exposure to infections at hospital sites. One patient would travel for care and at that visit they would pick up meds for others in the group.
Thinking about Georgy Holden 's concern regarding possible limited access to smart phones, might Community Health Workers working in the communities you hope to serve with PillDrop facilitate this service? If so maybe they can track when patients are due for medication renewals, and make put an order in with the pharmacy in advance, if they will not be in that area on the day the meds need to be renewed. Would it be possible for medication pick ups to be organized in advance? If the patient does not have a smart phone maybe the lock box code, mentioned below in a comment below from Goodie Thu Thu, can be sent via text message? (The lock box is a great idea!)
I read an article on The South African Health News Service about a pilot project in South Africa where medications are being packaged and dropped at community sites, tackling the same issues you are tackling here. From the article - "Patients can chose to collect their medicine from various private pick-up points, including factories, shops, schools, creches and tribal court offices." In this case they can still use your service if necessary but hopefully the distance will be less and therefore the fee will be less.

Good luck developing this project!
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Bettina commented on an idea - Staffing for pharmacies in Remote Areas.

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Bettina commented on an idea - Incentivizing blood donation

Hi Mohamed. Congratulations on being a finalist in this challenge. I am a pediatrician and I was struck by the high incidence of thalassemia that you mention in the Maldives as a driving force behind your idea. As you mention that there is good internet connectivity and most people own smartphones can the app be leveraged to link people to information re: disease prevention, in addition to the primary goal of ensuring access to treatment, blood for transfusion?
I did a quick google search to learn more about this topic in general and found a recent journal article which was interesting. "Carrier screening for beta-thalassemia in the Maldives: perceptions of parents of affected children who did not take part in screening and its consequences." Journal of Comm Genetics, 7/2016
Based on this study the authors concluded that the thalassemia awareness program needs to be strengthened. (Awareness of disease consequences and of screening access.) It mentions that screening is free and available. It states that screening programs have been more successful in the capital city than in outer islands where mobile medical units visit to do screening but infrequently, and visits are not always well publicized. Might the app help to connect young people to information and screening services? (Perhaps the awareness program has been further developed since this study was done in 2013? Maybe social media is being used in some way?)

Good luck developing the app!
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